NAPA, CA Wiseman Commercial is pleased to announce that Brotemarkle, Davis &Co. LLP, a unique accounting and advisory firm that specializes in wine industry accounting, is choosing to establish their headquarters and a market presence to Wiseman Commercial’s Class A Office Building, First and Main, located at 1000 Main St, in Napa, CA.

Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. LLP is a different kind of accounting and advisory firm. BDCo employees live in the Napa Valley and the firm specializes in wine industry accounting. BDCo believes accounting isn’t only about tax returns. By focusing on the wine and hospitality industries since 1984, they’ve developed the experience and knowledge to help avoid costly mistakes and grow the bottom line. Their staff is built from the ground up by recognizing the highest professionals in the industry that have a full experience of dedication to serving their communities and providing the greatest outcomes.

“We believe customers have the best answers. So we listen to them. We believe employees have the best ideas. So we trust them. We believe Napa Valley is the best place to work, live and visit. So we work to protect it. We live to enjoy it. We savor the company. Our beliefs determine how we treat our employees and how we work with our
customers. They drive us to work harder and smarter every day and to ask more questions. Our beliefs give us a reason to come to work and to invest our time in the charitable organizations that make our community better,” commented, CEO, Craig Underhill.

The addition of BDCo is a symbol of Wiseman Commercial’s commitment to providing the best possible tenant mix providing services to the public. We look forward to building on these efforts with additional tenants in months to come.

“Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. LLP moving to Downtown Napa is just the latest example of companies recognizing the value of being in a Class A building in a convenient and prestigious location. Their strategic decision to make a permanent move to Wiseman Commercial’s First and Main building is being recognized positively and applauded by the business community in Napa Valley and the Bay Area. I believe this
move will result in more business and an even better and more prestigious image, which is what Wiseman Commercial seeks to provide its nearly 150 Tenants in the North Bay Area,” said, Chief Business Development Officer, Zen Hunter-Ishikawa.



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