Corporate Plaza

FAIRFIELD, CA Wiseman Commercial is pleased to announce that Bridge Home Health Care and Hospice, an established home health care and hospice Services company headquartered in Southern California, is choosing to establish a market presence to Wiseman Commercial’s Class A Office Building, Corporate Plaza, located at 1261 Travis Blvd, in Fairfield, CA .

Bridge Home Health Care brings services to the private homes and assisted living facilities of patients in need of skilled care related to their diagnosis, including registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, speech/language pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Our staff is built from the ground up by recognizing the highest professionals in the industry that have a full experience of dedication to our communities and providing the greatest care outcomes.

“We have a strong commitment to serving over 30,000 patients and over 1000 staff, and are currently working with 1,200 doctors, with facilities in 16 counties. Bridge Home Health and Hospice is pleased to be a part of the Solano County community, and Wiseman Commercial’s Class A Corporate Plaza as their newest Tenant. We are excited to partner with Wiseman Commercial to improve the well-being of the community.” commented CEO, Mike Suor.

The addition of Bridge Home Health & Hospice is a symbol of Wiseman Commercial’s commitment to providing the best possible tenant mix providing services to the public. We look forward to building on these efforts with additional medical providers in months to come.

“Bridge Home Health Care and Hospice is a great new addition to Wiseman Commercial’s evergrowing portfolio of Class A Tenants. By establishing their presence in Fairfield at Corporate Plaza, they join several professional Tenants taking advantage of this strategic suburban location close to NorthBay Medical Center. We are seeing a suburbanization occurring whereby younger people and professionals are leaving the cities in Northern California, and Wiseman Commercial is poised to receive them whilst improving their commercial real estate experience.” said Chief Business Development Officer, Zen Hunter-Ishikawa.



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