Manveer Sandhu

Small Business Advisor

Manveer Sandhu is the Small Business Advisor at Wiseman Commercial. In this role, he actively recruits early-stage companies from the Core Bay Area to Wiseman portfolio buildings. Manveer has a multifaceted background in defense, education, and business, bringing a unique perspective to the startup ecosystem. He is an Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force, supporting global operations by analyzing, assessing, and producing intelligence products to ensure mission success. Manveer also serves as the President of the Travis Unified School District, which has provided a deep understanding of strategic planning, governance, and leadership. He is also co-founder of NorCal Venture Forum, a nonprofit organization focusing on fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in Northern California by bringing together capital, customers, and talent to support early-stage entrepreneurs.

Previously, he worked in investment banking and private equity focused on real estate, where he developed skills in financial analysis and modeling. His passion for venture capital and entrepreneurship led him to pursue a fellowship with Sutton Capital, gaining invaluable experience in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities. He completed an internship with Untapped Ventures, further sharpening his skills in due diligence, fundraising, and portfolio management.

Manveer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in Political Science from the University of California, Davis. In his free time, he likes exercising and keeping up with all things Star Wars.



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