Dear City Council Members and Planning Commissioners:

I urge to you support the proposed Aurora at Green Valley Apartment project in Fairfield, located at 5000 Wiseman Way.

The residential project would provide much needed housing for our community. The location of the project allows people to walk or bike to their workplace, schools, grocery stores, parks, and other amenities. This is an ideal location for Aurora. Because these amenities are close, we can reduce traffic and provide an opportunity for residents to have a vehicle free lifestyle, thereby allowing more time with friends and family.

I support this project because we need housing in Fairfield, and in Northern California, to address key housing shortages that this region faces. Because Wiseman Commercial has a stellar reputation as a Class A developer in the region, with nearly 50 years of experience developing and operating office and residential properties, I am confident that this project will be successful. I urge you to support the 72-unit multifamily proposal.




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