Wiseman Commercial is converting Green Valley Executive Center to solar power, which will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We will install a canopy mounted solar parking lot structure at this class A office building in Fairfield, California, in the 4th quarter of this year. Solar will provide one hundred percent of the building’s electricity.

Doyle Wiseman, founder and CEO of Wiseman Commercial, commented that, “Even though the new administration has decided to ignore the reality of climate change, 98 other countries, many states, cities and private companies are moving forward to comply with the Paris Accords. We will do our part by converting our portfolio of office buildings to solar power, and reducing CO2 emissions by an amount equal to that produced by automobiles driving 10 million miles each year. Solar power and other forms of sustainable energy are finally economically feasible. We were pleased to find that this conversion adds economic as well as social value to our properties.”

Wiseman Commercial’s identity is rooted in our core values which include integrity, ethical behavior, and a high level of excellence while working with customers. The installation of a solar generating system only exemplifies these values, as a symbol of Wiseman Commercial’s commitment to providing the best possible amenities to our tenants, employees and local residents.



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